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Board of Directors

Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon) Executive Chairman

Dr. Michael Aboud (Hon)

Dr. Michael N. Aboud - Bio-Sketch (Executive Chairman) Preface Michael Aboud is a distinguished industrialist and owner of a number of private companies that provide a full range of security services, security products, training, and integrated solutions; he is a major investor in the tourism and entertainment industry and a significant shareholder in several commercial real estate properties. Mr. Aboud has been recognized locally and internationally for entrepreneurship, innovation, and contribution to the continued development of the private security industry. In 1991, The Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation (USA) recognized ASSL as a Foundation Contributor for contribution to the security industry; in 1997 Mr. Aboud won the title of “Entrepreneur of the Year – Service Industry” from Ernest and Young International (EY); in 2013 he was recognized by the American Correctional Association (ACA, USA) as an “Exec Gold Foreign” of the Association, dedicated to aiding the Correctional Community in the pursuit of excellence; in 2013 he received the “Award of Organizational Merit” from American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS, USA) for Supporting Professional Security Development. The year 2015 was particularly rewarding for ASSL: in June his company won the prominent International CIO100 Award from IDG Enterprise (Colorado, USA) showcasing the “Transformative Power of Information Technology Business Innovation”; in November ASSL received the “Excellence in Service Award for Best Use of Innovation in Services” by Trinidad and Tobago Coalition of Service Industry (TTCSI); at the same time, ASSL also copped the highest award as “Service Sector Champions - Service Provider of the Year” from TTCSI; in November Mr. Aboud was a “Finalist in the EY Master Entrepreneur Award” and most recently, Michael received the Ernst and Young International “People Empowerment Award 2015”. In 2016, he received the “ Award of Organizational Merit for Outstanding Leadership and Commitment to Professional Development of Security and Management from ASIS International Professional Certification Board; in 2017 Mr. Aboud received the Bill Zalud Memorial Award from International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) and achieved the STOW in Excellence Award from the Trinidad & Tobago Energy Chamber scoring 100% in the Safe To Work (STOW) Certification. In summation, Mr. Aboud has been locally and internationally recognized for the development of the private security/service industry through personal dedication and commitment to the continued development of the business sector. As a discerning businessman, Michael has educated his leadership staff in corporate social responsibility and actively supports environmental initiatives through a committed profit percentage towards philanthropic activities. As part of his commitment to community development, he has lectured and presented security-related topics to various audiences throughout the Caribbean Islands. Michael earnestly supports two key initiatives in which ASSL’s Directors are appointed on International Boards that influence the Private Security Industry – Crime Stoppers International (Netherlands, EU), and American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS International, USA), Trinidad & Tobago Chapter 157. ASSL’s Director served on the Board of Directors of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Organizations (ICoCA, Switzerland) 2015-2016. Mr. Aboud is committed to sustaining philanthropic strategies for the continued improvement of employees, citizens, and communities in Trinidad and Tobago. At present Mr. Aboud employs in excess of 5000 permanent full-time staff members throughout the Caribbean Islands and projects that this will increase by at least 50% in the next five years based on ongoing investment projects in the tourism and hospitality industry along with the continued local and regional expansion of existing businesses. Mr. Aboud is ever mindful of quality, safety, security, and human rights and has adopted the best internationally established standards into his businesses. Full-time Academic Studies Michael Aboud attended St Anthony’s College, Trinidad where he achieved seven (7) o’ levels in Biology, Physics, Geography, English, Commerce, Mathematics, and Chemistry. He then attended Windsor College, Canada as a full-time student where he successfully completed Grade 13 and subsequently was enrolled as a full-time student of Electronics Engineering at the University of Toronto, Canada. He was compelled to depart in his second year of University to join the family’s business in Trinidad, due to his father’s ill health. Continued Specialized Education & Personal Memberships Michael Aboud. Honorary Doctor of Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Trinidad & Tobago. 2017 Michael Aboud. Bill Zalud Memorial Award from International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). 2017 STOW in Excellence Award from the Trinidad & Tobago Energy Chamber. 2017 The American Correctional Association (ACA) recognizes Michael Aboud as Exec Gold Foreign. 2013 The Organizational Award of Merit for Outstanding Leadership and Commitment to Professional Development of Security and Management from ASIS International Professional Certification Board. 2010 ; 2013; 2016 Michael Aboud. Plaque for One Year Lost Time, Incident Free within our operations and for effort and enthusiasm – no lost-time incident by BHP Billiton Trinidad and Tobago. 2008 Michael Aboud. Plaque for appreciation of outstanding contribution and commitment to the Anti-kidnapping Unit. 2008 Michael Aboud. National Rifle Association of America, Authorised to conduct training activities as prescribed inappropriate NRA training programmes for the following certificates: *Certified Pistol *Rifle *Shotgun * Basic Firearm Instructor * Home Firearm Safety * Personal Protection. April 30th, 2007 Michael Aboud. Acknowledged in the Eric Williams Memorial Collection by the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus for Support Provided in Making the Inaugural Dedication possible. 2007URISA- This certifies that Michael Aboud successfully completed the URISA Certified Workshop’s GIS Program Management presented by the URISA’s 2006 Caribbean GIS Conference. October 30, 2006 (8 hours in Instruction) Plaque. Sincere appreciation for the Excellent Services provided by the Archangel Ambulance Services from Imran and Indirah Ali. 2002 Certificate of Appreciation, Appreciation in recognition of Outstanding Support for the Security Industry Association’s efforts from the Security Industry Association (SIA). 2002 Michael Aboud. National Rifle Association of America, Authorized to conduct training activities as prescribed inappropriate NRA training programmes for the following certificates: *Certified Pistol *Rifle *Shotgun * Basic Firearm Instructor * Home Firearm Safety * Personal Protection. Expires September 2001. Who’s Who of Professionals, The Ultimate Professional Directory is proud to announce that Michael Aboud has been selected as an honored member of INTERNATIONAL WHO’S WHO for the year 2000. Plaque. Corporate Sponsor: Caribbean Correctional Association Inaugural Conference. 1999 Michael Aboud. Acknowledged in the Eric Williams Memorial Collection by the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus for Support Provided in Making the Inaugural Dedication possible. 1998 Certificate of Participation, Highways beautification unit. 1998 Michael Aboud: Gold Level Dealer Award from Maxon America, Inc. 1997-2000 Michael Aboud: Entrepreneur of the Year. 1997 Service Excellence. Plaque, Michael Aboud: Entrepreneur of the Year 1997. Category: Services, Retail & Distribution. Michael Aboud. National Rifle Association of America, Authorized to conduct training activities as prescribed inappropriate NRA training programmes for the following certificates: *NRA Basic Firearm Instructor *NRA Home Firearm Safety Instructor *NRA Personal Protection Instructor. 1st Oct. 1993. Michael Aboud: Certified as an “Open Water Diver” by PADI. 1993. The Caribbean Institute of Forensic Investigations Limited. This is to certify that Michael Aboud has completed a course in Detection and Prevention of Internal Business Frauds and Thefts. 29th January 1992 East-West Bodyguard Alliance (EWBA) Business Membership Certificate- Amalgamated Security Services Limited is a qualified Business member. Certificate awarded in San Jose, California on 28 July 1992 East-West Bodyguard Alliance (EWBA) Membership Certificate-Michael Aboud-Certificate awarded in San Jose, California on 27 February 1992 The National College of Martial Arts (NCMA) Certificate of Membership No. 022293- Trinidad- Michael Aboud. Date Issued: 02/22/92. Michael Aboud. National Rifle Association of America, Certified Instructor. Authorized to teach the following basic courses:*Home Fire Safety *Pistol *Personal Protection *Rifle * Shotgun. Michael Aboud. Certificate of Achievement for Personal and Professional Development in the Security Field by ISC Security Management/Loss Prevention Seminars. 27th – 29th August 1991, New York NY. Official Member: World Self - Defense Federation; Michael Aboud, 1st March 1991. United States Combat Martial Arts Association International- Michael Aboud is a member with the rank of Security Service Expert. Michael Aboud. Certificate in Olympic Solidarity Course in Basic & Advanced Pistol Shooting from International Olympic Committee of Trinidad & Tobago. 1990 The Caribbean Institute of Forensic Investigations Limited. This is to certify that Michael Aboud has completed a course in Visual Detection of Forgeries, Alterations, and Counterfeits. 28th August 1990 Michael Aboud: Member of ASIS International The Bodyguard Elite International Association-Michael Aboud-Life Membership. A member since 1990 Institute of Security Management and Training Ltd Certificate of Participation-Michael Aboud-Seminar on Law and Management in the Security Industry July 21-22, 1988. U.W.I. Certificate of Award to Michael Aboud in recognition of Distinguished Achievement in Firearms Proficiency, 13 March 1987 Certifications And Accreditations Championed Safe to Work (STOW) Certification, achieving 100% scoring in 2016 & 2018 respectively. Awarded the STOW in Excellence Award in 2017 Crime stoppers Secure Certification Program. TRACE Anti-bribery Certification Private Security Network Commission (PSNC) National Training Agency (NTA) National Safety Council; Authorized as a Training Center to present the Defensive Driving Course, and First Aid on its behalf. Certified Instructor, National Rifle Association of America. Authorized to teach basic courses in Home fire safety, pistol, personal protection, and rifle shotgun. International Standards Organization (ISO) and UKAS National Accreditation Body for certifications in;- ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18788:2015 and PSC1:2011 Certification : Trinidad & Tobago ISO 9001:2015, ISO 18788:2015 and PSC1:2011 Certification : Barbados Accredited by National Safety Council NSC (USA) for programs in Defensive Driving and First Aid. IQ Certification for Electronic Security and Life Safety ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Forensic Testing Certification: Caribbean Forensic Services FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic Testing Laboratories FBI Quality Assurance Standards for DNA Databasing Laboratories Entrepreneurship Remarkably after 30 years in business, Michael remains dedicated to leading for today while at the same time keeping an eye focused on tomorrow. Without extensive formal business education, he quickly adapted to what his needs would be for a successful business outcome, driven by determination and the need to be the best. He is highly intuitive with patience as his greatest virtue. Being a perfectionist, creating and influencing a quality culture, and leading by example with his tagged line “Time is of the Essence”, are the hallmarks of his character. Michael is quick to foresee risks and mitigate against them with abilities to grasp complexities and interpret information which makes him extremely adept in the face of adversity. He is forceful and decisive while maintaining awareness of his limitations and taking advantage of every opportunity in every circumstance. Though he may be seen as slightly narcissistic in challenging situations, his charismatic subtlety always finds favor and support with his resilient workforce. His opinion is often sought on nationwide security issues making him nothing short of the epitome of a security expert. He is accessible to all the stakeholders in the industry, a philosophy grounded in building customer confidence and service assurance. Amalgamated Security Services Limited Amalgamated Security started as a traditional security company providing manpower and canine services. It later expanded to include a Central station accredited with CCTV and keyless monitoring which made its operations unique. Cash management followed with specialist vehicles designed for reduced operating costs. Recognizing the need for well-trained officers and professionals, Mr. Aboud established a training school for security professionals which has seen over 10,000 officers passing through over the last 30 years. Pioneer of Prisoner Transport Service Mr. Aboud pioneered several security solutions for various Governments including Private Prisoner Transport in Trinidad and Tobago. Electronic Security and Integrated Solutions - ESIS The electronic security business experienced exponential growth with the ability to integrate manpower and electronic security. Information Technology - GIS Demands for secured information technology platforms were quickly recognized and new products and services like Inteltrack and the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) platform were created. These products now form the basis of the E999 initiative. ASSL’s unique data mining capability allows for proactive planning. This innovation afforded ASSL international recognition becoming the recipient of the 2015 CIO 100 award. Archangel Ambulance Service Archangel was created to supplement the Central Monitoring Station as an emergency response service. It has since grown to provide services to multi-national companies and is an outsourced service to many industrial companies while serving the nation at large through retainers and on-demand service. The Unit is staffed with certified Emergency Medical Technicians. Global Medical Response Trinidad and Tobago (GMRTT) GMRTT is a joint venture with GMR, USA pioneered as a potential outsources of the Government Ambulance Service. GMRTT is contracted by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to provide public ambulance service in Trinidad. Heller Security Heller Security was formed in partnership with a Retired Managing Director of ASSL, Alic Heller. On his passing, ASSL bought over his shares and maintained control of the private security business under independent management and oversight. Ventures in other Caribbean Islands In 2006, Michael Aboud took the first steps towards a regional expansion of Amalgamated Security. The Company had made forays previously in the wider Caribbean doing electronic security installation work and training projects in various islands but this was the first step in a planned expansion through the establishment of regional subsidiaries. 2006, marked the establishment of Amalgamated Security Services (Barbados) Limited. This subsidiary was followed by the establishment of other subsidiary companies in Grenada, St Lucia, Guyana, Antigua, and St. Vincent. Each of these companies has followed the mold and pattern established by Amalgamated Security in Trinidad with of course some variations to suit local market conditions. While, as to be expected with any new business ventures profitability has not been immediate, Michael Aboud has provided and continues to provide each with guidance and direction steering each one onto the path of profitability. In 2014, Amalgamated Security (Grenada) subsidiary received the People’s Choice Award from the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce (GCIC). Training Institute For the past two decades, the security and public safety market in Trinidad and Tobago has seen rapid growth due in part to the increased need for security and public safety goods and services for the corporate sector, government ministries and agencies, state security, and law enforcement agencies, and individuals. With this expansion, there has not been a simultaneous growth in the provision of training providers. In 2012, Michael Aboud, recognized the dearth of training providers and the need for the industry as a whole to improve its knowledge base and by extension its standards and so established the Caribbean Institute for Security and Public Safety (CISPS). The CISPS is a teaching/training institution serving the security and public safety industry with a range of programmes/courses as well as other services like consultancies and soon-to-be a testing center for international courses. Accredited Polygraph Services (APS) – Fair, Accurate, Effective Polygraph testing has long been used in the arena of national security and law enforcement with a more recent interest by corporate clients for the purpose of screening their employees. Accredited Polygraph Services Limited, a special purpose company of Amalgamated Security Services was formed from Mr. Aboud’s vision to make these services available within the Caribbean region and improve the quality of investigations and service to clients. The mission is to provide highly professional, strictly confidential, and discreet polygraph testing services. This is an effort to reduce blue and white color crime in the workplace, as well as allow employers a sense of confidence in their new hires particularly in areas of trust and sensitive information. APS was established to deliver international standard polygraph testing using the most technological equipment available as well as training to its staff under the best training academies in the world. In addition, APS staff adhere to the industry best American Polygraph Association membership and are proud to be affiliated. APS services include pre-and post-employment screening; investigations; expert testimony and policy development where required. Typical clients for such services include private individuals; private and publicly listed businesses – small to large size; national security services such as police or prison services, defense force, or private security; as well as other governmental and non-governmental organizations. APS has performed over 200 plus polygraphs over the 2-years and continues to serve its clients at the highest international standards with great results and accuracy. The investment, diversification, and understanding of the technology is a clear example of Mr. Aboud’s vision for excellence and his commitment and service to his company, clients, the nation of Trinidad & Tobago, and the wider Caribbean region in the reduction of criminal activity. Caribbean Forensic Services Caribbean Forensic Services offers forensic services and supplies, a vision towards improving and aiding law enforcement agencies, ASSL clients, and the general public through the use of forensic science. This initiative was driven, as a clear need for such forensic services, equipment and tools are ever so needed to help in the fight against crime. The development of Caribbean Forensic Services the first forensic Lab of its kind within the Caribbean region designed to aid countries in their fight against crime by advancement and use of proper scientific techniques. Such science is desperately needed as eyewitnesses are more difficult to obtain and are often not reliable due to the stress of the actual event. CFS is a fully functioning forensic science laboratory offering services like forensic biology ( DNA), Firearms & Ballistics, footwear and tool marks, Trace evidence, Forensic Chemistry, Digital forensics among a wide list of other services. In addition key aspects include education to law enforcement and other agencies in the use of the latest equipment and technology and proper training in the collection and preservation of evidence found at a crime scene for later analysis. CFS also provides a wide range of forensic consumables to its clients locally and throughout the Caribbean regions. With things such as fingerprint powders, evidence packaging materials, and chemical enhancement reagents, all critical to processing a crime scene and which was in short supply within the region. Many departments were using older techniques with less reliable results as the technology was not available for their use. This first of a kind forensic facility demonstrates ASSL’s commitment to serving the communities within the region and helping bring the correct suspects to justice. CFS is ISO Certified - ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Forensic Testing Certification and accredited by the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic Testing Laboratories and DNA Databasing Laboratories. Tourism & Hospitality As a successful entrepreneur Michael continues to invest in Trinidad and Tobago diversifying his business to now include several projects in the hospitality and tourism field stimulating further economic growth and wellbeing for the nation against this period of recession and creating further employment with an estimation of a few more thousand full-time employees. Michael Aboud has made a significant contribution to the development of the tourism sector in Trinidad. He is one of the primary principles in the development of a work class amusement and waterpark facility at the Chaguaramas Pennisula in Trinidad at a cost of 500 million TT dollars. Additionally is a principal investor in the development of a four-star Marriott autograph collection at a cost of 450 million. Investments Additionally, over the years Michael has reinvested back into the country in excess of one billion dollars, directly and indirectly through his real estate developments, security, and affiliated businesses. The vision for the future is more scientifically based services. At the same time taking the core strengths that the company has developed in the provision of services using lower-level labor and using those strengths to enter other service industries. Company Achievements The only private security company in the Caribbean region with the responsibility for Prisoner transport in the region for over 18 years an outsourced activity by the Government of T&T The first marine patrol unit in Trinidad and Tobago with training from the Trinidad and Tobago coast guard The only private security company in the region to have had the responsibility for managing and operating the prison system for Antigua and restoring, retooling, and training Operates the National Ambulance Service for the country (GMRTT) The only company in the region to have been successful in winning the technology Award for innovation CIO100 The only company in the Caribbean region to have been recognized twice for training and development of security professionals by the Professional Certification Board of the USA Winner of EY Entrepreneur for service and people Empowerment and the runner-up for Master Entrepreneur The only company in the region to have international influence in the development of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Organization as well as the service of Crime Stoppers International The only company in the region with as many certified CPP, PSP, and PCI individuals Having a footprint in the region with offices in Barbados, Antigua, St Lucia, Grenada, Guyana, St. Vincent and serving many other islands from Trinidad Authorized Training Agency for the American National Safety Council in various disciplines such as Defensive Driving and First Aid, CPR & AED Polygraph service provider Forensic service provider Firearm training provider The only company in Trinidad to have achieved the Trace certification which is the Anti-bribery compliance due to diligence initiative The only central station in the region to have achieved the international IQ Certification Gun Club facilities Firearm Dealer Over the years ASSL has become a trusted partner to some of the world-leading suppliers of equipment such as GE, Samsung, Lenel, DSC, AXIS, on SSI, Firelite, and Safran First E-commerce store in offering a full range of security and forensic products. The ASSL Store provides the convenience of online shopping from the Caribbean's largest selection of Tactical, Forensic, and Medical Supplies and the latest in electronic security. Company Awards Trinidad and Tobago Prison Service presented to Amalgamated Security Services Limited for Firearms Training Course October’97 Presented to Archangel Ambulance Services with sincere appreciation for the Excellent Services provided. From Imran and Indirah Ali, December 2002 The Eric Williams Memorial Collection, University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus gratefully acknowledges the active support of those who have made today’s inaugural dedication possible:- Amalgamated Security Services Limited Security Industry Association (SIA) Certificate of Appreciation presented to Amalgamated Security Services Limited in recognition of their outstanding support for the Security Industry Association’s efforts, research, and programs as a member since 1991. Presented 20th July 2002 The Installation Quality (IQ) for Electronic Security and Life Safety – The IQ Certification Board certifies that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has met the IQ guidelines created to ensure quality, electronic security, and life safety services. International Olympic Committee Certificate. Certifies that Amalgamated Security Gun Club has taken part in the Olympic Solidarity Course in Basic & Advanced Pistol Shooting held from December 2nd to 14th 1990 at La Seiva Range, Maraval under the auspices of the National Olympic Committee of Trinidad and Tobago TRACE Anti –Bribery Compliance Solutions-This certifies that Amalgamated Security Services Limited has completed a TRACE background review and is TRACE certified. Anti Kidnapping Unit. In appreciation of your outstanding contribution and commitment to the unit. 2008 Maxon America INC: Gold Level Dealer Award 1996, 1997, 1998, & 1999. Topaz Maxon Congratulates ASSL as a Gold Level Dealer for 2000. ASSL: Presented by the ASIS International Professional Certification Board for outstanding leadership and commitment to the professional development of security management. 25th Sept 2013. ASSL: Plaque awarded by bhp Billiton, Trinidad and Tobago for the effort and enthusiasm by ASSL Dec, 06 to Feb, 07. National Safety Council- Amalgamated Security Services Limited Arouca Trinidad and Tobago is hereby recognized as a Training Center in the National Security Council’s driver Improvement Program and is hereby authorized to present the Defensive Driving Course(s) on its own behalf. ASSL: Security Industry Association (SIA) Member 15 years, New York, NY, 2006. ASSL: bhp Billiton, T & T, congratulates ASSL on One year Lost Time, Incident free within our Operations. 2nd Nov 2005. ASSL: bhp Billiton, T & T, congratulates ASSL on One year of Lost Time, Incident free Operations at the Central Processing Platform. 18th Sept. 2006. Highways Beautification Unit: Certificate of Participation. 13th July 1998. Plaque, Michael Aboud, Corporate Sponsor: Caribbean Correctional Association Inaugural Conference, 17the & 18th June 1999. ASSL; Designated as Foundation Contributor of the Alarm Industry Research & Educational Foundation: April 1991. Company Memberships, the Caribbean and International Linkages National Rifle Association of America (NRA) Member in Good Standing: Michael Aboud American Society for Quality (ASQ) to Amalgamated Security Services Limited. ASQ Sustaining Member since 2000. Continuous Years: Five, Ten, Fifteen, Twenty ASSL; Member of the Security Industry Association (SIA) The American Correctional Association (ACA) recognizes Michael Aboud as an Executive Gold Member. The SWAT Tactical Team of ASSL is a current member of the National Tactical Team Officers Association (NTOA) Plaque, National Association of Professional Background Screeners: Member in Good Standing 2013. ASSL is a Member of the Chaguanas Chamber of Industry and Commerce, 12th Feb 2001. ASSL; Member of The National Safety Council, Member since 16th June 2000. National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA) Electronic Life Safety, Security & Systems Professional- Amalgamated Security Services Limited- member in good standing 20 years Member: Security Industry Association (SIA) International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) Certificate of Membership 4th July 1997 CSSA Since 1950 – Central Station Alarm Association: An Association of the Central Monitoring Industry. International Member in Good Standing. Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA), An Association of the Professional Monitoring Industry- International member in Good Standing Amalgamated Security Services Limited Trinidad and Tobago International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO). Amalgamated Security Services Limited-Corporate membership Member of ICoCA: 2013 to present Current standing member of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police Job Creation & Mentorship At present Mr. Aboud employs in excess of 5000 permanent full-time staff members throughout the Caribbean Islands and projects that this will increase by at least 50% in the next five years based on ongoing investment projects in the tourism and hospitality industry along with the continued local and regional expansion of existing businesses. Several of his senior staff members have started their own security companies and many others hold prominent positions in both the public and private security sectors. Remarkably, Michael maintains good relations with most and his advice is often sought by them on critical security issues. Social Responsibility & Philanthropy Constantly stimulating the economy and while still carrying on his philanthropic and corporate social responsibility. Michael has promoted, supported, and financed the development of security professionals for over 20 years investing in excess of TTD25,000,000 in training and developing staff in management, technology, and security disciplines each gaining internationally recognized certification. With each certification comes a monitory incentive to the employee; a $25,000 award for achievers of all three ASIS Certifications and a monitory award of $100,000 for any employee who achieves a Doctorate in a discipline identified by the organization. This is done in addition to many financially supported initiatives towards first and second degrees. With over 100 members achieving professional certification, his company stands among international organizations in knowledge and expertise. Approached by the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT), he partnered with the University to develop Certificate Security Programs lending his organization for practical training and experience. On-going financial support and incentives form part of the strategy to encourage professional development. Under the umbrella of the Caribbean Commissioners of Police, Mr. Aboud piloted recognition awards for Most Outstanding Performances in three disciplines for public law enforcement throughout the Caribbean Region as part of an initiative to develop a partnership between private security and public law enforcement in the region. These awards occur yearly and winners and runner-ups, a total of nine police officers throughout the region, are recognized at the Annual General Meeting of the ACCP. At the Caribbean Commissioner’s Conference in 2015, Mr. Aboud generously offered to fund up to USD20m to each government in the region towards security initiatives including training, technology enhancements, and forensics; his gesture included a free forensic kit to all Commissioner yearly. As part of its regional Corporate Social Initiative, Amalgamated Security launched a program that funds and provides equipment as well as training in lifesaving skills to Public Law Enforcement agencies, free of charge to the agencies. In the context of this program, the letters ASSL stand for ‘Amalgamated Security Saving Lives’. Under the program, Amalgamated Security can be approached through a simple request at which point an assessment will be done to determine how and if the program can provide the assistance needed. The Amalgamated Security Saving Lives program is open to all Caribbean Police Forces that are members of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police. Below, you will find suggested training that could be offered immediately to Caribbean Police Forces free of charge: Tactical First Responder; CEVO II Police (Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator II Police); CEVO III Ambulance (Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator III Ambulance); CEVO III Fire (Coaching the Emergency Vehicle Operator III Fire); Standard First Aid Training. In response to the Caribbean region’s need for advanced forensic services, Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL) established ‘Caribbean Forensic Services Limited’ - a special purpose company to further support the regional fight against crime. At the Intersessional Meeting of the Association of Caribbean Commissioners of Police (ACCP) in December 2014, ASSL then launched its ‘Forensic Investigations Support Programme – F.I.S.P.’. On a yearly basis, every Caribbean Commissioner of Police has the opportunity to select a forensic kit of their choice from a list provided by Caribbean Forensic Services Limited and to receive it free of charge. While understanding that the company’s future is reliant on human capital for its success, Mr. Aboud developed strategies that would aid in recruitment, retention, professional development, and helping building community acceptance. Some of these key initiatives include an Employee Assistance Program for employees and their families; dormitory facilitates to reduce traveling and living expenses; a Mentorship Program for employees with less than one year’s service; a 24-hour Telecare Service for immediate response to work-related concerns; a Reward and Recognition Program with due incentives; special company shares for employees with long service; a Sports Club to encourage comradery and a Staff Commissary to provide essential goods at retail and subsidized prices. Mr. Aboud has established a Special Committee to deal with requests for financial assistance, empowered to disburse the allocated budget and maintain oversight of the initiative. ASSL has participated in a number of clean-up and environmental initiatives and is engaged in several philanthropic activities covering the areas of sporting sponsorships, education assistance, time-off for cultural activities; community improvement activities, and environmental protection initiatives. This focus on education at ASSL has undoubtedly changed the culture of the organization. It has made staff recognize the value of theoretical knowledge added to the experience and it has empowered them with confidence and benefitted the organization through retention and loyalty. Influences – Local, Regional and International Crime Stoppers Michael Aboud is a sponsor of Crime Stoppers in support of the national communities, with one of ASSL’s Directors serving on the Crime Stoppers International Board. He has donated USD50,000 in 2015 towards crime-fighting initiatives. ICoCA Another sphere of international influence is the appointment of another ASSL Director at ICoC Association which is the international body responsible for the code of conduct of private security companies worldwide, based in Switzerland. Mr. Aboud has opted to handle all expenses associated with international travel for initiatives associated with developing, monitoring, and oversight of the Code. ASIS Local Chapter An ASSL Director is also appointed as the Chairman of the ASIS Local Chapter 157, focused on training and development of security professionals with a network for up-to-date security solutions and technologies. Mr. Aboud is a key sponsor and Special Advisor to the Local Board. Publications A Director of ASSL is designated to submit articles for regional magazine publications on security-related matters with added responsibility to trend crime statistics and recommend proactive measures to high-profile clients of ASSL. Industrial Relations A Senior Manager of ASSL is the Vice-President of the Industrial Relations Committee at the Chamber of Industry & Commerce influencing government on private sector requirements on related matters. Caribbean Commissioners of Police As the main sponsor of awards for public crime-fighting, ASSL makes presentations at all General Meetings of the Association focusing on security solutions. Mr. Aboud has generously offered USD20,000,000 funding to each Caribbean Commissioner, for security solutions to enhance crime-fighting initiatives. ASPA An association formed to gather and share intelligence on criminal activity with the public police service. ASSL has been recognized as having made the most submissions on criminal activity. ASSL’s team meets weekly and has several initiatives to gather the information that may be useful in the fight against crime. Conclusion At the age of 24, Michael started a security business without experience or capital but with a passion to create his own legacy. He founded Aboud Security in 1983, with himself as the first Security Officer, and in 1986 he Incorporated Amalgamated Security Services Limited (ASSL). Michael maintained that no business was too small, no opportunity would pass and every weakness was a challenge. He was irrepressible as the years passed with a resounding dedication to structure his business with resources, expertise, and quality customer service while maintaining focus on market trends and diversification investment opportunities and assiduously reviewing strategies to meet challenges associated with cultural, political, and technological influences. Tel: (868) 626-2275 ext. 1250 Cell: (868) 680-1111 or 384-9111 Email:

Mr. John Aboud Financial Director

Mr. John Aboud

Mr. John Aboud is the Finance Director at Amalgamated Security Services Limited with overall responsibility for the financial affairs of the Company and its subsidiaries. Mr. Aboud’s business experience spans over 33 years. Full-time Academic Studies John Aboud attended St Anthony’s College, Trinidad where he achieved eleven (11) o’ levels. He then attended Fatima College, where he successfully completed A Levels in Economics, History and English. APPOINTMENTS Chairman of Crime Stoppers Trinidad & Tobago Limited Vice-Chairman of Caribbean/Bermuda Latin America Crime Stoppers Incorporated Chairman of Crime and Justice Committee of Chamber of Commerce Director of Cabinet Appointed National Drug Council Member of the Cabinet appointed Deportee Sub-committee under the Chairmanship of the Commissioner of Police Chairman ASCOTT – Association of Security Companies of Trinidad and Tobago

Mr. Brian Ramsey Non-Executive Director

Mr. Brian Ramsey

Mr. Brian Ramsey was formerly the Regional Development Director at Amalgamated Security Services and its Caribbean subsidiaries with primary responsibility for the company's operations in the other Caribbean Islands. He is now a Non-Executive Director of the Company. Mr. Ramsey has 38 years experience in security activities in Trinidad and the Caribbean region. Brian Ramsey has been a Director of security companies in Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, and Jamaica. He has served on several committees which have included, crime & Justice Sub-committee of the Trinidad & Tobago Chamber of Commerce, National Security and Public Safety Sub-committee of the 2020 Multisectoral Group, Standing Committee on Crime Ministry of National Security, October 2000 - May 2001. Mr. Brian Ramsey graduated with honors from the University of South Florida with a Masters in Business Administration concentrating in Finance. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with honors form St Leo University in Florida, where he majored in Management and Accounting. In addition to his experience in the security field, Mr. Ramsey also has experience in the corporate sector, having worked as an accountant within the Neal & Massy group.

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