Amalgamated Security Services (Antigua) Limited

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Our Executive Chairman’s Statement

Our Executive Chairman’s Statement

Executive Chairman's Statement

It is certainly not an easy task to have and manage over 3,000 employees servicing thousands of customers throughout the Caribbean region and protecting billions of dollars in assets. This responsibility is not easy under any circumstance!


When it comes to the challenges that our industry faces around issues of education, economic status, and other intolerances, our achievement remain unmatched over the years!

At times it seems that just keeping the lights on is a major accomplishment. But it is the staff, this team of professionals with their diverse, and unwavering dedication, and hard work who make it happen, 24-7.


Our successes are also due in part to the notion that “you achieve according to what you believe.” Faith and purpose. And after 25 years at Amalgamated Security Services Limited, we believe that our people are still the most valuable assets. Through an extensive selection process, with training, and the right supervision, our officers have been shown to be the best in the field. And we continue to strive in maintaining the best, for the best!


We believe that affordable security whether electronic or manpower is a right, not a privilege, and providing security and safety, remaining affordable with top-notch quality service, is what distinguishes us from the rest.


We do know we have made a difference in people’s lives and our client’s interests because we get just the right amount of feedback and support from the customers and the public just when we need it.


This homegrown security company has competed against several international companies and have repeatedly outshone them, beaming proud of our heritage and the knowledge that we are good at what we do irrespective of the competition.


We have indeed come a long way since 1983. We have managed our growth carefully and responsibly. A few measures show: from 10 staff in 1983 to today, 2022 we have approximately 3,000 staff; from 2 vehicles in 1983 to today we have over 150 units; from operating in one office in 1983 to today we are countrywide with over thirteen bases regional expansion. While such accomplishments did not come easily, it demonstrates the faith and enduring purpose which our management and staff consistently had in the growth of the company.


While we continue to manage the day-to-day administrative and operational basics, we will not lose sight of our number one job – our quality assurance pledge to our customers and the public at large. That is, prudent fiscal management of our resources, sound routine maintenance, and wise capital investments and improvements all leading to success while remaining locally and regionally the number one security and electronic service and product provider.


Amalgamated Security currently also operates on the Caricom states of Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Guyana, and Antigua, where our staff will continue to be increasingly diverse in building on the solid foundation we have in place today, and where all of our senior management are Certified Protection Professionals (CPP), a certification exam considered to be the highest level one can achieve in the security industry worldwide.

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