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Archangel Ambulance Service

Archangel Ambulance Service began operations in 1998 and provides a 24-hour, 7-day per week ambulance service nationwide. Archangel has multiple operating sites providing ambulance services to a variety of customer locations nationwide that include private individuals, commercial customers and medical institutions, such as Cocorite Community Hospital, West Shore Medical, St Clair Medical, Gulf View Medical.

We provide:

Air Ambulance

Responsive air ambulance services

Non-Emergency Transportation

Movement of non-emergency situations

First Aid & CPR Training

Certified Training

Rapid Response

Always prepared for quick deployment

Retainer Contract Services

Affordable tailor-suited contracts

Special Event Services

Standby ambulance and medical services

We operate fully equipped ambulances that are fitted with GPS locators that allow our ambulance service to always know where our emergency vehicles are located enabling us to ensure that the closest vehicle to your medical emergency is dispatched.

Efficient, professional, safe and reliable medical transport service is the core value of our service provision. The strength of our ambulance service however lies with our people and their commitment to the highest standards of excellence and integrity. Given the nature of the service we recognize that patient confidentiality and courtesy are extremely important and so these are continuously stressed to all employees. We recognize that a patient’s personal health information is private and have a number of practices in place to maintain the confidentiality and security of your personal health records.

Archangel Ambulance attempts as far as possible to contact every customer we have transported to obtain a feedback on what their views were of our service. This system helps in continuous improvement of the service rendered.

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