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Shopping Centers & Retail Sector

Shopping Centers & Retail Sector

Shopping Center Protection

Shopping centers demand security officers with a wide range of skills from the sensitivity to deal with lost children to the ability to respond to and effectively address law enforcement incidents. Theft by customers, staff, delivery and cleaning personnel occurs every day with millions lost every year as a result.

Experts in Surveillance Systems

ASSL has been confronted with all of these issues and has been providing highly skilled officers backed up by high technology surveillance systems to the shopping center and retail industry for decades.

Our Expertise Shopping Sector

At ASSL we have fully trained and skilled personnel to deliver a cost effective, total security solution that combines electronic security with security officers to make your premises a much safer place to shop. Individually selected and intensively trained in retail crime prevention, arrest skills and conflict resolution we provide the very best retail security officers who are totally focused on theft and crime prevention and schooled in:

Temporary Security

Finding quality temporary security coverage is no longer a challenge. ASSL Security Services, the nation’s largest independently held contract security services company, has the resources and expertise necessary to provide your site or event with comprehensive short-term security solutions.

01 Dedicated Sup...

01 Dedicated Support Team

02 Award-Winning....

02 Award-Winning Training Programs

03 Trained, qualified....

03 Trained, qualified ASSL Officers are available for your tempoary, emergency and last-minute security needs.

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